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Directed by Frédéric Tcheng

USA, 2019, 1h 45min, DCP

New Releases

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Fashion designer Halston combined talent, notoriety, and sheer fabulousness to become a legend. From humble beginnings in Des Moines, Iowa, his first brush with fame came when he designed Jackie Onassis’s famous pink pillbox hat. Whether he was popularizing hot pants, creating elegant but comfortable women’s wear, launching a perfume line, traveling with a gaggle of models to China, or having hedonistic fun with Liza Minnelli at Studio 54, Halston built a reputation and an empire—and was responsible for many iconic moments in American fashion and culture in the ’70s and ’80s.

This new film tells the story of a complicated man—in both his craft and his business decisions—from the mouths of those who knew the man best. Frédéric Tcheng, a great documentarian of fashion luminaries like Valentino, Diana Vreeland, and Raf Simons, takes an unconventional approach to the bio-doc by creating a narrative (starring Tavi Gevinson, a fashion icon of a different generation) through which to frame the story of this enigmatic designer, which allows Tcheng to delve deeper into this comprehensive exploration of the designer’s rise, fall, and enduring influence.


“When it reverts to conventional documentary storytelling… HALSTON is thrilling stuff for fashion nerds, as well as a poignant character study of a misfit ultimately undone by his excessive hunger to prove himself.” -Guy Lodge, Variety

“A roller coaster of fabulousness and folly.” -David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

“It’s a quintessential cautionary tale, supported by reams of glamorous archival footage and the recollections of longtime friends” – Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly


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