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Directed by Alex Ross Perry

USA, 2019, 2h 14min, DCP, rated R

New Releases

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

The new film from writer/director Alex Ross Perry (GOLDEN EXITS, LISTEN UP PHILIP) stars Elisabeth Moss as Becky Something, a ’90s rock superstar who once filled arenas with her band Something She. When her excesses derail a national tour, she’s forced to reckon with her past while recapturing the inspiration that led her band to success. Featuring Cara Delevingne (SUICIDE SQUAD), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) and Amber Heard.


“Moss’s oscillating, energy-devouring performance and the real-time composition of Perry’s scenes make it almost impossible to look away.” – Emily Yoshida, New York Magazine

“Over and above the furious-and ultimately painfully tender-drama, Perry achieves something of a new, grand version of his own cinematic music.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Elisabeth Moss turns in a five-alarm blaze of a performance as a frontwoman who makes Courtney Love look like Mother Teresa.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone



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