History of Television

History Of Television: THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW

Directed by Various

USA, 1h 40min, Digital

History of Television

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A bunch of jerks make mistakes, cause trouble and by the next episode the slate is wiped clean to start again. No consequences. No character arches. It makes sense that Jerry Seinfeld credits The Abbott & Costello Show as the main source of inspiration for SEINFELD.

Abbott and Costello were the number one box office stars of their time and this show might be seen as them caving in to the new fad of television. But what we get here is the visual history (in some instances the only recording) of just about every single vaudeville gag ranging from the classic Niagara Falls bit to the surreal Crazy House skit. For comedy history the importance of this is staggering. Yet even more astonishing is that this show is still so overlooked. Well, no more of that gosh darn it! Come and get your funny bones shattered at this uproarious night of comedy.

abbott and costello

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