History of Television

History of Television: PUNK TV MAYHEM

Directed by Various

USA, 1h 40min, Digital

History of Television

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Mohawks! Razor blades! Quaaludes! Weeping parents! NO RULES!!!
In the early ’80s, network TV finally caught up with the punk movement… and portrayed it in the most wildly entertaining ways you can imagine. From “shocking” news exposés to anti-teen cop shows, the tube was alive with TRUE PUNK TERROR! Join revered TV writer Sam Egan (of Quincy fame!), Zack Carlson (co-editor of Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide To Punks On Film), and Ryan Richardson, maestro of mostly pointless punk pursuits, for a lawless, godless evening of shattered glass, torn leather and teenage rage! Next stop: NOWHERE!!

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