Queer Cinema: Lost & Found


Directed by Janis Cole and Holly Dale/Jeanne B. and Xanthra Phillippa

Canada, 1984/93, 1h 48min, Digital

Queer Cinema: Lost & Found

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“A fabulous, funny, and moving archive of our queer history … Remarkable … It captures Davie Street during one of its rawest and most revolutionary periods.”
Xtra Magazine

“A vital time capsule, capturing a pre-internet period when sex workers walked the street … The film’s many revelations are matched by the inescapable sense that Cole and Dale cared deeply about the people whose lives they were reflecting.”
POV Magazine

The lives and eventual activism of a group of sex workers are explored in this acclaimed documentary from Canadian filmmakers Janis Cole and Holly Dale. Mixing candid interviews with on-the-ground footage shot on the streets at night, HOOKERS ON DAVIE is a powerful portrait of a class of people — mostly trans — who, to this day, are rarely afforded such grace and care. Paired with Jeanne B. and Xanthra Phillippa’s T4T tape, GENDERTROUBLEMAKERS. Queer Cinema: Lost & Found programmer Elizabeth Purchell will join us for a discussion at the screening on Saturday, September 8.