Children of Abraham/Ibrahim


Directed by Maysaloun Hamoud

Israel/France, 2016, 1h 43min, DCP, In Hebrew and Arabic with English Subtitles

Children of Abraham/Ibrahim

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Featuring an introduction from Associate Professor Karen Grumberg, of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at UT.

I live this life. I just captured the reality into the cinema and tried also not to filter it. I just wanted to put up a mirror for both societies that we live in between: the Palestinian one with the traditions – the conservative, the patriarchal – and also the Israeli – the racist, discriminatory. [We] don’t really have a space. [We] are in between. — Maysaloun Hamoud

“Three young women sharing an apartment in central Tel Aviv” sounds like the pitch for a predictable romantic comedy. But these three women are Arab Israelis and the director is a Palestinian Israeli woman, so there will be nothing predictable. Laila is a confident lawyer, a secular Muslim who loves to party. Salma, a Christian seemingly destined for an arranged marriage with a mama’s boy, is a nightclub DJ who discovers her love for another woman. Noor is a conservative Muslim woman dressed in a hijab, studying computer science, and already engaged to a successful Muslim man, but her views will change as she discovers her own voice. IN BETWEEN has received many international awards.


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