Modern Masters


Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi

Japan, 2019, 3h 0min, DCP, In Japanese with English Subtitles

Modern Masters

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“ [The film] is haunted by the possibility that—if only things had been different, if only the movies had been more true—cinema might have altered the course of the 20th century”
—Evan Morgan, Mubi

“[An] exuberantly shot… and imaginatively edited film, [in which] the full force of Obayashi’s preference for the experimental makes itself felt.”
—The Hollywood Reporter


“A rollicking action-adventure stuffed into a three-hour pop-art package” (The NY Times), the final film from visionary, Nobuhiko Obayashi (HAUSU), sees three young men transported into the big screen action of war movies on the closing night of a small, seafront cinema. Filming in his hometown of Onomichi, Obayashi flits between bombastic action flicks, silent movies, musicals and much, much more to create a powerful parting letter to cinema and generations to come.


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