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Directed by Chistophe Honoré

France, 2014, 1h 42min, DCP, In French with English subtitles

New Releases

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“The tales of the gods as told by Ovid are set in modern Europe in this visually arresting film, co-presented by Austin’s eclectic queer arts and transmedia organization, OUTsider Fest.

Queer auteur Christophe Honoré is no stranger to defying convention. For IN PARIS, he made a melancholy love story into a magnificently understated musical, where the songs themselves seem almost like an afterthought. In his outré METAMORPHOSES, Honoré makes cinema out of myth. The metaphors in the tales of the gods become visual poetry in this strong artistic statement about Europe past and present. Honoré is the opposite of prudish in depicting the gods’ zeal for sexual encounters as he investigates the hedonism and ego that have driven European culture since its early days.”

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