Queer Cinema: Lost & Found


Directed by James Bridgood/José Rodriguez-Soltero

USA, 1971/65, 1h 21min, 35mm

Queer Cinema: Lost & Found

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“A kind of gay Fantasia, part underground extravaganza, part romantic porn”
The Village Voice

“A breathtaking work that manages to be equal parts cinematic vision and sexual titillation”
—Karl Soehniein

“A benchmark of underground gay cinema”
The New York Times

A young hustler escapes the harsh realities of street life into a lushly erotic dream world in this queer underground classic. Famously hand-constructed and shot over the span of seven years by female impersonator and beefcake photographer James Bidgood (who passed away in January 2022), PINK NARCISSUS is a cornerstone of queer aesthetic whose influence can still be felt fifty years later. Paired with pioneering Nuyorican filmmaker José Rodriguez-Soltero’s sexual probe of the Narcissus myth, JEROVI. In 35mm.

Queer Cinema: Lost & Found programmer Elizabeth Purchell will join us for a discussion Tuesday, July 26.