The Neo-Noir Canon: Part I


Directed by John Boorman

USA, 1967, 1h 32min, 35mm

The Neo-Noir Canon: Part I

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“Grim, violent, elliptical, transfixingly sour and strange”
Film Comment

“John Boorman’s best and funniest effort”
The Chicago Reader

It was probably inevitable that the Noir influence on European art films would come home to roost in Hollywood, but few could have predicted anything so stylistically bold—one might even say berserk—as John Boorman’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s novel “The Hunter.” Lee Marvin weaves in and out of monochrome sets, committing jump cut, slo-mo acts of extreme violence in pursuit of the money he was swindled out of by his erstwhile partners in crime. With Angie Dickinson, John Vernon and Carroll O’Connor as those who are caught in the avenging demon’s cinematic dance of vengeance. In 35mm.

Point Blank

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