Queer Cinema: Lost & Found


Directed by John Cameron Mitchell

Canada, 2006, 1h 41min, DCP

Queer Cinema: Lost & Found

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

“A warm, amorphous shape stretching out in many directions, touching on the neuroses and anxiety everyone, at one time or another, feels about relationships, and the connection (and the disconnect) between sex and love.”

Hosted by Queer Film Historian Elizabeth Purchell and featuring a post-film discussion Tuesday, March 29.

The lives of a group of sexually and emotionally frustrated New Yorkers — including a couples therapist who can’t climax and a gay couple seeking a third — intersect at a weekly salon in John Cameron Mitchell’s exuberantly pansexual follow-up to HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH. While mostly remembered for its explicit sexual content, SHORTBUS is so much more — an indelible portrait of Bush-era New York nightlife and queer resilience. Newly restored.

Elizabeth Purchell is an Austin-based queer film historian and archivist. Her multimedia project Ask Any Buddy explores the gay adult film industry’s role in both the development of queer cinema and the spread of gay culture at large.