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Terms of Service Presented by Mozilla and Rooftop Films

Partner Events

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Free! Join us at 6:30 PM for a mixer featuring free popcorn and a complimentary beverage and stay after for a discussion with Mozilla Senior Director of Marketing Janis Greenspan and filmmaker Kevin Byrne. Followed by an open bar afterwards.

Mozilla teams up with AFS and the innovative, New York-based film festival Rooftop Films to present a free screening of fascinating and engaging new short films that investigate the myriad ways that the internet effects our daily lives. Our world is more connected today than ever before. It’s not all good, and it’s not all bad. But it’s all new, and it’s changing our human experience. We find love and connection on the Internet. And yet, hate flourishes as well. We join communities on the Internet, but in the process, we put ourselves in filter bubbles. Many of us make our livings on the Internet, while others lack access and are deprived of opportunity. Who are we in this connected world? And what does it mean for us IRL? Terms of Service will explore these question through collections of short films about you, me, and the Internet.

Featured Films:

Wave – TJ O’Grady Peyton and Benjamin Clear

Kiem Holijanda – Sarah Veltmeyer

Cellular – Christian Kozlowski

Birth of the Camera Phone – Jonathan Ignatius Green

Artifice – Kevin Bryne

A Day in the Park – Diego Porral

Ok Google – Brett Gaylor and Darren Pasemko

Why Misinformation Works – Stuart Langfield and Marco Patricio

Additional films to be announced

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