Newly Restored


Directed by Perry Henzell

Jamaica, 1977, 1h 43min, DCP

Newly Restored

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Join KOOP 91.7 DJs Art Baker of Jamaican Gold and Dale Smith of Roots Train along with The Africa Express’s Melinda Bee for a DJ set following the Saturday, Oct. 12 screening.

In the film that introduced reggae music to a wider audience, Jimmy Cliff stars as Ivan, a young man with dreams of becoming a singing star in Jamaica. When he is hoodwinked by a corrupt record producer he goes full gangster. Full of vibrant Jamaican music and culture. Cliff’s onscreen performance of the title track is one of the great movie moments ever.


“This picturesque cult classic has aged remarkably well—the politics are still vital, Perry Henzell’s direction crisp and professional, and the story exciting and fresh.”Michael Dare, The Current

“THE HARDER THEY COME is always exuberant, and sometimes strong, as casually surprising and effortlessly sinister as the blade sliding out of a gravity knife.”Jay Cocks, Time Magazine

“Deeply and vitally engaged with all aspects of the movement, THE HARDER THEY COME is the film component of Jamaica’s reggae-influenced golden age.” Klive Walker, TIFF

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