Directed by Philip Ridley

UK, Canada, 1990, 1h 36min, DCP


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No film has so fully explored the horrific possibilities of the prairie. The obscure 1990 feature takes the prairie gothic aesthetic made famous in paintings by the likes of Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth and renders it into a surreal world where delirium is the inevitable harvest of a place sowed with predators, cruelty, and the grotesque.” – Dave Alexander, Filmmaker Magazine

An amazing film studded with selfless, luminous performances and shot through with dark humor that risks sheer over-the-top outrageousness at every turn but is so simultaneously inspired and controlled that it gets away with everything.” – Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

Children’s author Philip Ridley directs this series of grotesqueries wrapped up in a coming-of-age nightmare for adulthood. It’s enough to turn its Idaho wheat fields black. Newly restored, a ‘90s cult great returns.

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