Essential Cinema: Monsters from the Id: Cold War Sci-fi and Horror


Directed by Christian Nyby

USA, 1951, 1h 27min, 35mm

Essential Cinema  Monsters from the Id: Cold War Sci-fi and Horror

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“A slick item thriftily combining a heavy science story with a pure adventure yarn for better than ordinary entertainment…the film almost convinces you that its imaginative predictions may some day all come true.”
—Manny Farber

“Mr. Hawks has developed a movie that is generous with thrills and chills …”
—New York Times

Howard Hawks produced this superlative sci-fi/horror about the discovery of a giant space alien at the North Pole and the tensions between the scientists stationed at the research post and the military contingent detailed to provide security and secrecy. Features some of the best dialogue in any science fiction movie ever made. In 35mm.


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