Essential Cinema: World Animation


Directed by Juan Padrón

Cuba, 1985, 1h 9min, 35mm, In Spanish with English Subtitles

Essential Cinema  World Animation

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Grab a glass of Sangre O-Plus and thump along to the tunes of the legendary Arturo Sandoval in this bawdy, politically incorrect adult cartoon. Vampires are real, and they have been ruling behind the scenes for centuries, fearing only one thing: the fatal light of the sun! In Havana, a vampiric scientist is on the verge of creating a medicine that will allow his kind to walk in daylight, and the secret to its success is hidden in his nephew, trumpet-playing Pepito, who is more interested in sex and overthrowing the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado than drinking blood. Gangsters, vampires, politicians – everyone’s a bad guy in this outrageous romp.

Please note: this film contains profanity and mild animated nudity.

Vampiros_In_Havana 1

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