Best of the Fests

YouTube Wormholes: Penny Lane’s THE PAIN OF OTHERS & Dan Schoenbrun’s A SELF-INDUCED HALLUCINATION

Directed by Penny Lane & Dan Schoenbrun

2018, 2h 0min, Digital

Best of the Fests

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Join us for a evening deep dive into the strange. Penny Lane and Dan Schoenbrun each craft an eerie narrative of internet-discovered mystery, composed only of YouTube-sourced footage. Penny Lane (director of NUTS! and OUR NIXON) is the cinema’s clearest voice on “subjective facts”. Always on the hunt for alternative realities, Penny discovered a YouTube community made up of sufferers of a mysterious illness, and weaves together a riveting hour-long study of their world. Dan Schoenbrun, creator of the Eyeslicer series, uncovers an unsettling fan phenomenon that could only have been created by the internet. Includes a Skype introduction by the filmmakers.

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