Series: 20th Anniversary of Austin Studios

20 years ago, the Austin Film Society moved onto the tarmac of Austin’s decommissioned Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, with a dream to grow Austin’s film industry by establishing production spaces and soundstages in a group of empty airplane hangars. 20 years and over 600 film and television productions later, we commemorate the anniversary of one of the key catalysts for film production in Austin, and the film people who make Austin Studios a community. On this special anniversary, AFS presents three of the most storied films shot on site at Austin Studios, featuring discussions with the film crews that brought these films to life. The series includes the first big-budget production that took a chance on the fledgling studio, MISS CONGENIALITY; the daring and unforgettable IDIOCRACY, which brought the construction of a derelict White House to the studio lot, and a favorite from one of Austin Studios’ most regular tenants, Troublemaker Studios, with their GRINDHOUSE trailer-turned-film, MACHETE. 

Each screening will feature a post-film discussion with local cast and crew.

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Past Films

20th Anniversary of Austin Studios


20th Anniversary of Austin Studios


20th Anniversary of Austin Studios