Series: Fernando de Fuentes’ Revolution Trilogy

Between 1933 and 1936 Fernando de Fuentes, an up-and-coming Mexican filmmaker, directed three films about the nation’s recently-ended revolution (1910-1920). Though narratively unconnected, the three stand-alone films are linked thematically, sharing a clear-eyed view of the bloody struggle for tierra y libertad (land reform and liberty), and constitute an informal trilogy. All three were praised at the time of their release, and are still regarded as among the most important and memorable Mexican films. Responding to popular demand, AFS is proud to present these three classics of Mexico’s Golden Age Cinema. Each screening will be hosted by University of Texas Professor Charles Ramírez Berg, author of the book “The Classical Mexican Cinema: The Poetics of the Exceptional Golden Age Films.”

The Harry Ransom Center presents three Classical Mexican Cinema screenings this November. Learn more >> 

Past Films

Classical Mexican Cinema

El Compadre Mendoza

Classical Mexican Cinema

El Prisionero 13

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