Series: Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Latin Cinematic Imagination

To coincide with the Harry Ransom Center’s major exhibition on Gabriel Garcia Márquez this spring, AFS presents a special series exploring the legendary Colombian writer’s life in the cinema. Márquez intended to become a filmmaker, attending film school in Italy, and working as a film critic prior to publishing his first novel. He was motivated by the possibility that Latin American filmmakers would emerge globally to tell their own stories from their unique traditions. After becoming a novelist, Márquez continued his life in cinema– collaborating with filmmakers as a screenwriter and having his stories adapted for the screen, as well as encouraging the next generation of Latin filmmakers, through his efforts with the Cuban film school and beyond. In this series, we look at Márquez through his life in film– his inspirations, collaborations, and legacy in cinema. The first part of this series will be presented at the Harry Ransom Center, beginning March 1st. Visit for details. 

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Latin Cinematic Imagination

Cancelled: Time to Die