Series: Three By Bruce Lee

Born in San Francisco to Chinese parents and raised in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee bridged the two continents to become the first Asian American superstar. As a child he was a prolific actor in Hong Kong films, but his real passion was for martial arts, and he studied Wing Chun kung fu under the legendary Yip Man. After returning to the US to attend college, Lee became a sought after martial arts instructor, and subsequently a bit player in Hollywood films and television.

Frustrated with his opportunities in America he returned to Hong Kong where he made three phenomenally popular films, THE BIG BOSS (1971), FIST OF FURY (1972), and WAY OF THE DRAGON (1972) which made him the hottest cinematic property in the world. He began filming another movie, THE GAME OF DEATH, but ceased production on it when a bigger opportunity presented itself, the big-budget James Bond-style action movie ENTER THE DRAGON. Unfortunately, soon after production was completed for ENTER THE DRAGON, Lee died of a cerebral edema.

The film was released soon after and Lee’s star rose even higher in death. This series honors Lee’s contribution to martial arts cinema and invites viewers to appreciate Lee’s dynamism, his charisma, and, in his sole directorial credit, WAY OF THE DRAGON, his cinematic technique.

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Three By Bruce Lee


Three By Bruce Lee


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