After committing to a trip to Africa’s highest peak, a young man discovers climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was on his grandpa’s bucket list. While Forrest West was unable to fulfill this lifelong dream himself, his grandson will ensure he has the opportunity in the afterlife. Armed with his grandfather’s ashes, Cody and his friends embark on the journey of their lives. After an unexpected tragedy occurs within the group, their trials, failures, encounters with death, and victories will lead them further down their own paths to personal meaning and fulfillment.

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JOSEPH LINDLEY is a seasoned expedition documentary filmmaker. His works are a combination of the most essential questions of human life and the impact of the four natural elements. These works are deeply personal stories of how the natural world can positively impact human story and meaning. He has successfully filmed two expeditions: IN TO THE WILD, an allegory for mental health struggles on a 2-month bike ride across North America, and ASHES OF THE MOUNTAIN, a 10-day funeral procession to the roof of Africa. ASHES OF THE MOUNTAIN is the first documentary release in the sequence of the two already-filmed documentaries. His next expedition project is titled FEAR FROM THE DEEP, an allegory of the human psyche on a four-man row across the Atlantic ocean. With all of his work, Joseph aims to inspire others to truly LIVE.

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