Festival Alert: Austin Asian American Film Festival Schedule Announced


In Austin we are lucky to have a big-time, massive film fest (SXSW Film), and some less gigantic but still world-class festivals (Austin Film Festival, Fantastic Fest). And we are also fortunate to have a number of smaller (though not necessarily small), targeted festivals that expose us to international films we might never see otherwise. The Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) is one of these, and the programming seems to get better and better each year.

We have been honored to share a venue with them in past years, though this year our cinema renovation has forced a move to the very snazzy Blanton Auditorium. As always the focus is on quality rather than quantity. The twelve features and twenty two shorts chosen all look first class, and range from CREEPY by Japanese horror auteur Kiyoshi Kurosawa to the new Hirokazu Koreeda film AFTER THE STORM and the buzzed-about Chinese indie sensation KAILI BLUES.

The AAAFF runs from November 3-6. The full schedule, along with ticket links,  is here. Hope to see you there.

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