Watch This: Teen Ennui In the ADHD Films of Makoto Nagahisa

Japanese director Makoto Nagahisa has said that he strives “to bring a speed, dialogue, and sound that doesn’t exist in current filmmaking.” Based on his Sundance award-winning anarchic short AND SO WE PUT GOLDFISH IN THE POOL and his new feature WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES (coming to our Virtual Cinema this Friday, July 10th), we would say he is succeeding. Both works crackle with a manic energy and hyper-stylized visuals that create a striking juxtaposition against their precociously deadpan protagonists (the self-declared zombies) – barely-teenage nihilists who just want to watch their mediocre worlds burn.

With these first two titles, Nagahisa has thrown in his bid for the title of Japan’s Most Frenetic Filmmaker, giving contemporaries like Sion Sono (ANTIPORNO, WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL) and Takashi Miike a run for their money. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch AND SO WE PUT GOLDFISH IN THE POOL below for a taste of Makoto Nagahisa’s paintball-splattered pop-art sensibilities, then scrape what’s left of your brain back into your skull and come back this weekend for his debut feature, WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES.

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