Jungle Freaks: The Cinema Novo Of Joaquim Pedro de Andrade


Directed by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade

Brazil, 1982, 1h 46min, Digital, In Portuguese with English Subtitles

Jungle Freaks: The Cinema Novo Of Joaquim Pedro de Andrade

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De Andrade’s final film is sure to leave even the most well-versed student of Brazilian culture in the dark. Much like “Ulysses” however, it can be enjoyed and appreciated even without a full understanding of the satirical references or Portuguese language puns. Constructed around the ideas of poet and political theorist Oswald de Andrade (no relation), it is a series of collage-like fragments connected by a monologue of Oswald’s words, ending with words that may constitute a fittingly rude epitaph to Joaquim’s work, “Go fuck yourself, you shithead revolutionaries.”

About this series:

Joaquim Pedro de Andrade is one of the most important figures of Brazil’s Cinema Novo period and his film MACUNAIMA (aka JUNGLE FREAKS) helped to set the tone for this style of film that, much like its musical analogue, Tropicalia, gave the psychedelic and countercultural movements that were then sweeping the world a uniquely Brazilian beat. If you love John Waters’ and Lina Wertmuller’s approach to film narrative, we think you will enjoy these films.


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