Essential Cinema: Pre-Code Treasures, Presented by MUBI


Directed by Erle C. Kenton

USA, 1932, 1h 10min, 35mm

Essential Cinema  Pre-Code Treasures, Presented by MUBI

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The first film adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “Island Of Doctor Moreau” is still nerve-rattling today. Starring the great Charles Laughton as the doctor, who toils away on his private island trying to achieve true human-animal synthesis. When a rough-and-ready adventurer, a shipwreck survivor, is dropped off at Moreau’s port, trouble starts brewing between the man and the doctor, who lords over his creations like a demigod. Truly chilling and surprisingly vivid. If you think old horror movies are not scary, try this one on for size.

About this series

Scholar Dr. Caroline Frick joins us for a celebration of Hollywood films from the period of Hollywood history now known as the pre-code era. During this time, the studios had not yet made arrangements to self-censor their films for moral purity. As you might imagine, these movies are much wilder and more fun than the ones that followed a few years later, after the censorship code had been enacted. The first screening of each film will be followed by an audience discussion.


Island Of Lost Souls

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