Newly Restored



Newly Restored

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In the silent era, it was common for films to be produced and directed by female filmmakers. We have selected two programs of newly restored female-made films from this era.

This program includes the following films, selected and introduced by University Of Texas Professor Dr. Donna Kornhaber. The program will be followed by a discussion period with Dr. Kornhaber.

  1. Alice Guy-Blache, “Algie the Miner” (1912) [10 min.]
  2. Alice Guy-Blache, “Two Little Rangers” [aka “The Little Rangers”] (1912) [12 min.]
  3. Alice Guy-Blache, “A Fool and His Money” (1912) [11 min.]
  4. Marion Wong, “The Curse of Quon Gwon” (1916) [22 min.]
  5. Lois Weber, “On the Brink” (1911) [12 min.]
  6. Lois Weber, “Fine Feathers” (1912) [15 min.]
  7. Lois Weber, “Suspense” (1913) [11 min.]
  8. Zora Neale Hurston, “Ethnographic Documentary Films” (1929) [12 min.]
  9. Ida May Park, “Bread” (1918) [16 min.]

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Pioneering Women Filmmakers

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