Doc Nights


Directed by Martin Bell

USA, 2016, 1h 27min, DCP

Doc Nights

There are no current or future screenings planned for this film.

Among the unforgettable characters of Martin Bell’s 1984 documentary STREETWISE (which plays 9/14 & 9/16) was a fiery, sharp and introspective fourteen-year-old runaway called Tiny. Martin Bell and his partner in life and art, the renowned photographer and photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark, dedicated thirty years of their lives to following and photographing Tiny, resulting in a beautiful and devastating work about American womanhood; a landmark in long term filmmaking.


STREETWISE and TINY do force the audience to question where they stand on what they witness in the films narrative. Our hope is that by witnessing the everyday lives of these people the films will spark a dialog that may lead to change — to finding a solution to the complex problems created by poverty.”Martin Bell, Filmmaker Magazine 

“Interweaving three decades’ worth of Mark’s photographs and footage that includes previously unseen outtakes from STREETWISE, this is a heartrending, deeply empathetic portrait of a family struggling to break free of the cycle of trauma, as well as a summation of the life’s work of Mark, an irreplaceable artistic voice.”Janus Films

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