Directed by: Andrew Morgan

TEXAS, USA is a new film about the ongoing fight for real and lasting change in Texas. This is an underdog story told through the lives of candidates and organizers challenging decades of right-wing power across the state and around the country. The film features characters from across Texas, including candidates Greg Casar, Beto O’Rourke, and Lina Hidalgo. It also includes Austin-based advocates Tory Gavito of Way To Win and Adri Perez of Texas Freedom Network, one of the most recognizable trans advocates in the state. In a moment when the politics of fear are winning and hope can feel like a fairy tale, there is something else at work in Texas. In the face of ongoing electoral and legislative losses, there’s a relentless spirit of renewed determination. At a time when it would be easy to walk away, there’s a growing movement of people who simply refuse to give up. The tireless work of those standing up, speaking out, and pushing past what is, toward what could be – that’s what this film is about. The film showcases what it takes to fight for a stronger democracy and in the words of Barbara Jordan, to close the gap between the reality and the promise of America.

TEXAS, USA is a fiscally sponsored project of the Austin Film Society. You can make a donation to this project here. You will receive a letter acknowledging your gift to the Austin Film Society on behalf of the project. Since AFS is a non-profit organization, your donation may be deducted from your taxes as a charitable contribution under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.


Andrew Morgan is an internationally recognized filmmaker focused on telling stories for a better tomorrow. His experience includes a broad range of work that spans narrative and documentary storytelling for various film and new media projects. His work has been filmed and released all over the world through HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The New York Times describes Morgan’s unique style as “gentle, humane investigations” and Vogue wrote it is “evidence that each of us can act as a catalyst for change within our own lives and work together towards a greater good.” He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Emily and their four kids.
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