Amy Gentry on Women’s Horror Fashions: Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION

The Austin Chronicle’s Amy Gentry has written a couple of terrific articles about, well, terrific articles as worn by a pair of female horror protags. Her first such column is about the horrific evolution of the Armani Suit from AMERICAN GIGOLO to HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2. It’s a really thought provoking piece which I admittedly came late to because I am not often scanning the style section.

And now this week we get an article about the many blue dresses worn by Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION.  Even when we all watch a movie together we are having very distinct experiences of it. Gentry (who saw the AFS screening of the film) is watching it on a whole different track than I am. I really appreciate the difference and I look forward to following the thread of her analysis all month in her subsequent columns.