Bold Women, Classic Chemistry, and Award Nominees: January and February Programming at AFS

AUSTIN, TX – (December 7, 2017) This January and February, Austin Film Society spotlights the godmother of New Wave Agnès Varda, feminist filmmaker Bette Gordon, and on-screen sparks with the Classic Chemistry series. Buzzy films for award season, including BPM and THE DEPARTURE, and guest filmmakers round out the month’s programming.

WHO:  Austin Film Society
WHAT:  January and February Programming Announcement
WHERE:  AFS Cinema | 6406 N Interstate 35 Suite 3100, Austin, TX 78752
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Highlights include:

Essential Cinema: Agnès Varda, 2/1-2/22
In her 90th year, cinema giant Agnès Varda contributed yet another unforgettable film, FACES PLACES, to her oeuvre. We look back at CLEO FROM 5 TO 7, LA POINTE COURTE, and VAGABOND, essential Varda films which peek into her method, breakthroughs, and passions.

Classic Chemistry, 1/27-2/16
When, in a love story, the actors playing the lovers have a special, discernible connection, we call it Chemistry. Our selection of films with this mysterious commodity include TO HAVE & HAVE NOT, A PLACE IN THE SUN, THE AWFUL TRUTH, and PILLOW TALK. Caroline Frick, Associate Professor in the Radio-Television-Film department of The University of Texas at Austin and Executive Director of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, programmed the series and will join us for an audience discussion after the first screening of each film.

No Cover: Films by Bette Gordon – Filmmaker In Person!, 2/23-2/26
Groundbreaking independent filmmaker Bette Gordon joins us for a long weekend with her body of work, including her essential breakout and incisive reversal of the male gaze, VARIETY, to her uncompromising studies of masculinity in films like LUMINOUS MOTION and her latest, THE DROWNING. The series includes rarely seen shorts. Each film program will be accompanied by an in-person Q&A with Gordon.

Additional screenings and series are listed below. Visit for screening times.

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10 Years of Oscilloscope Pictures, 1/15 – 2/19
This series celebrates 10 years of the New York-based independent film distributor that has helped to change the face of art house movie releasing. The current wave of artist-driven, youth-oriented independent cinema owes a great deal to this industry-leading company, founded by the late Adam Yauch, which is still going strong as it enters its second decade.

Homo Arigato, 1/16 & 2/20
Rare and beautiful queer films. Brought to you by Mouthfeel and Young Creature.

  • KIKI, 1/16
    Sara Jordenö, USA, 2017, DCP, 94 min.
    James Bidgood, USA, 1971, 35mm, 65 min.

No Cover: Films by Bette Gordon – Filmmaker In Person!, 2/23 – 2/26

New Releases and Newly Restored Films
The new AFS Cinema offers daily screenings of new releases on a full schedule. Dates and times will be updated weekly. Upcoming new releases and newly restored films include:

    Jonas Carpignano, Italy, 2017, 118 min. In Italian with English Subtitles.“A compelling and accomplished film.” – Martin ScorseseThe newest film from MEDITERRANEA director Jonas Carpignano follows the upbringing of a teenage Romani boy in Calabria. Torn between his own family heritage, the local Italian culture, and the emerging influence of African refugees, young Pio is forced to make choices and grow up fast.
    Greg Barker, USA, 2017, 89 min”Under the current circumstances, Barker has given us a film with much broader appeal, one that’s not only absorbing but also essential in its depiction of humane, responsible leadership.” – Elizabeth Weitzman, The WrapFor the last year of President Barack Obama’s administration, documentarian Greg Barker and his crew documented the State Department as they tended to US diplomatic interests around the world and, later, prepared for the transition to a new, very different administration.
    Aki Kaurismaki, Finland, 2017, 100 min”Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki delivers his timeliest and most heartfelt film, mixing humor, pathos, and anger.” – Chicago ReaderThis wry, melancholic comedy from Aki Kaurismäki, a clear-eyed response to the current refugee crisis, follows two people searching for a place to call home.
  • ANTOINE & ANTOINETTE,1/14, 1/17
    Jacques Becker, France, 1947, 35mm, 78 min. In French with English Subtitles
  • BEGGARS OF LIFE, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8
    William Wellman, USA, 1928, DCP, 100 min
  • CASQUE D’OR, 1/21, 1/24
    Jacques Becker, France, 1952, 35mm, 96 min. In French with English Subtitles
    Seijun Suzuki, Japan, 1980, DCP, 148 min. In Japanese with English Subtitles
    Seijun Suzuki, Japan, 1981, DCP, 117 min. In Japanese with English Subtitles
    Seijun Suzuki, Japan, 1991, DCP, 128 min. In Japanese with English Subtitles

The Cinema of Resistance series pairs films about community organizing and social movements with post-screening discussions.

  • BPM 1/9-1/14
    Robin Campillo, France, 2017, DCP, 140 min. In French with English Subtitles
    A vivid, breathless and heartbreaking portrait of the Parisian chapter of AIDS activist organization Act Up! in the early 90s. A Cannes award-winner and France’s submission to this year’s Academy Awards.

Essential Cinema: Agnès Varda

  • MUR MURS, 1/21, 1/23
    Agnès Varda, France/USA, 1982, 35mm, 80 min. In French and English with English Subtitles
  • CLEO FROM 5 TO 7, 2/1, 2/4
    Agnès Varda, France, 1962, 35mm, 90 min. In French with English Subtitles
  • LA POINTE COURTE, 2/8, 2/13
    Agnès Varda, France, 1956, 35mm, 86 min. In French with English Subtitles
  • VAGABOND, 2/15, 2/18
    Agnès Varda, France, 1986, 35mm, 105 min. In French and Arabic with English Subtitles
  • FACES PLACES, 2/22
    Agnès Varda and JR, France, 2017, DCP, 89 min. In French with English Subtitles

Essential Cinema: Tonal Shift: The Films of Bong Joon-Ho
Bong Joon-Ho’s emergence as a major voice in international cinema has coincided with the emergence of his homeland South Korea as a cultural force. We are proud to present these films of a contemporary master who is still rising in prominence and proficiency with each new film.

    Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea, 2000, 35mm, 110 min. In Korean with English Subtitles
  • MEMORIES OF MURDER, 1/11, 1/13, 1/14
    Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea, 2003, DCP, 131 min. In Korean with English Subtitles
  • THE HOST, 1/18, 1/20
    Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea, 2006, 35mm, 120 min. In Korean and English with English Subtitles
  • MOTHER, 1/25, 1/27
    Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea, 2009, 35mm, 129 min. In Korean with English Subtitles

Sunday School family-friendly screenings include:

  • PAPER MOON, 1/28, 1/31
    Peter Bogdanovich, USA, 1973, 35mm, 102 min.
  • MON ONCLE, 2/18
    Jacques Tati, France, 1958, DCP, 117 min. In French with English Subtitles

Classic Chemistry
This series gives classic cinema lovers – or just plain lovers – a month of provocative, entertaining, and memorable date nights. Programmed in partnership with the Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Spirit of ’78 
Forty years ago, the “New Hollywood” was a memory, and the big-budget wave that followed the previous year’s STAR WARS had not yet reached the shore. 1978 represents the end of one kind of era and the beginning of another. Here are some of that pivotal year’s best and most interesting films.

Modern Masters showcases the great filmmakers who are making their best work right now.

    Bertrand Tavernier, France, 2016, DCP, 201 min. In French with English Subtitles
    Radu Jude, Romania/Germany, 2016, DCP, 141 min. In Romanian and German with English Subtitles
  • AFERIM!, 2/18
    Radu Jude, Romania/Bulgaria, 2016, DCP, 108 min. In Romanian and Turkish with English Subtitles

The Avant Cinema series showcases a variety of experimental films which have pushed the boundaries of content and have expanded film language.

Hosted and programmed by Jazmyne Moreno, Deep End highlights rare cult films with special live music sets.

  • DEEP END, 1/27
    Jerzy Skolimowski, UK, 1970, DCP, 88 min.
  • WILD, 2/24
    Nicolette Krebitz, Germany, 2016, DCP, 97 min, in German with English Subtitles


  • THE SWORD AND THE CLAW, 1/12, 1/13
    Natuk Baytan, Turkey, 1975, DCP, 109 min. In Turkish and Greek with English Subtitles
  • ANTIPORNO, 1/19, 1/20
    Sion Sono, Japan, 2017, DCP, 76 min. In Japanese with English Subtitles
  • MAUVAIS SANG, 1/26, 1/27, 1/28
    Leos Carax, France/Switzerland, 1986, DCP, 116 min. In French with English Subtitles
  • BITCH, 2/2, 2/3
    Marianna Palka, USA, 2017, Digital, 93 min.
  • TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!, 2/9, 2/10, 2/11
    Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 1990, 35mm, 101 min. In Spanish with English Subtitles
  • THE NUDE VAMPIRE, 2/16, 2/17
    Jean Rollin, France, 1970, DCP, 88 min. In French with English Subtitles

Doc Nights features new documentaries.

  • BRIMSTONE & GLORY, 1/7, 1/10
    Viktor Jakovleski, Mexico, 2017, DCP, 67 min. In Spanish with English Subtitles
  • BRONX GOTHIC, 2/4, 2/7
    Andrew Rossi, USA, 2017, DCP, 91 min.
  • QUEST,  2/25, 2/27
    Jonathan Olshefski, USA, 2017, DCP, 104 min.
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