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Friday 05/29/2020
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12:00 AMMale Talk: Ep. 00200:28:29
12:30 AMBeyond Sounds: Beyond Sounds - 00100:28:15
01:00 AMMan Fools: 00200:28:32
01:30 AMMan Fools: 00300:25:07
02:00 AMIndie Pa' Ti: Indie Pa' Ti - 900:26:52 Sat May 30 12:00 AM CDT 2020
02:30 AMIndie Pa' Ti: Indie Pa' Ti - Three00:54:54 Sat May 30 12:30 AM CDT 2020
03:30 AMIndie Pa' Ti: Indie Pa' Ti - 500:56:40 Sat May 30 01:30 AM CDT 2020
04:30 AMMeeting of the Mindz: Cultural Appropriation01:23:53
06:00 AMLoco-Motion Station: Mixing Colors00:28:01Watch Now
06:30 AMLoco-Motion Station: The Best of...00:28:30Watch Now
07:00 AMLoco-Motion Station: The Best of Engineer Chris00:28:30Watch Now
07:30 AMLoco-Motion Station: The Best of Ms. Purple Urple00:28:30Watch Now
08:00 AMLoco-Motion Station: Singing00:28:32
08:30 AMLoco-Motion Station: Fire Safety00:28:32
09:00 AMReasonably Spontaneous Conversation: Jim Crosby and Dennis Tardan00:28:30Watch Now
09:30 AMA Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation: Jarle Lillimoen and Dennis Tardan00:28:30
10:00 AMReasonably Spontaneous Conversation : Vishal Aslot and Dennis Tardan00:28:30
10:30 AMReasonably Spontaneous Conversation: Andrea Dawson and Dennis Tardan00:28:30
11:00 AMTexas Nafas: Texas Nafas presents Poet Tony Burnet00:28:50Watch Now
11:30 AMTexas Nafas: Texas Nafas presents Poet Louise Richardson00:28:35 Mon Jun 01 11:30 AM CDT 2020
12:00 PMTexas Nafas : Texas Nafas presents Poet Ben Perh00:28:20
12:30 PMTexas Nafas Presents : Texas Nafas Presents Robin Barra00:27:20
01:00 PMSauce Twins: Importance of an initial assessment with Alexis Lawson00:28:30Watch Now
01:30 PMSauce Twins: California Fair Pay to Play Act00:28:30Watch Now
02:00 PMSauce Twins: WHY ARE THEY LEAVING TEXAS???00:28:32Watch Now
02:30 PMSauce Twins: Should You listen to outside opinions?00:28:32Watch Now
03:00 PMSauce Twins: Do it For the Money!00:28:32 Mon Jun 01 12:00 PM CDT 2020Watch Now
03:30 PMSauce Twins: 140 all district players in one district!00:28:32Watch Now
04:00 PMKaiju Labs Media Block Party: WINTER BACK UP FILE01:28:36Watch Now
05:30 PMKaiju Labs Media Block Party: KLBPmain091701:28:30Watch Now
07:00 PMKaiju Labs Media Block Party: KLBPmain092401:28:30Watch Now
08:30 PMPublic Domain Theatre Classics: Last Man On Earth (1964)01:27:07
10:00 PMMeeting of the Mindz: Artists01:08:08
11:08 PMKris and Faris Make a Show: Fitness Episode00:05:21
11:13 PMBirdshyt: Birdshyt00:42:36


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