Selected Shorts: Bryan Connolly Presents John Cassavetes, Meshach Taylor and the Bangles in THE HAIRCUT

Selected Shorts is an ongoing series in which we invite some of our favorite people to select and introduce short films that they may have missed. Here, author and bon vivant Bryan Connolly (DESTROY ALL MOVIES) shares a movie that no one ever knew about before and no one can ever live without from now on, THE HAIRCUT (1982).

Here’s Bryan:

A record executive (John Cassavetes) only has fifteen minutes to get a haircut. Meshach Taylor and Nicholas Colasanto (Coach  from Cheers) are the two barbers up to the task. This is the first film written and directed by Tamar Hoffs (mother of Bangles member Susanna Hoffs). Cassavetes is having a blast. Watch him get a massage, drink, get tickled and dance. I love this short. I stumbled upon it as an extra on the DVD for Hoffs 80s party feature THE ALLNIGHTER. Who doesn’t want to hang out with Cassavetes in a barbershop?