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Saturday 10/31/2020
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12:00 AMPuppeTose Street: Puppet Block 101:59:20
02:00 AMPuppeTose Street: Puppet Block #202:59:42
05:00 AMThe Atheist Experience: Ep. 74600:58:30
06:00 AMGene and Dave Show: SXSW 201500:58:27
07:00 AMRight Talk With Mike Lee: Episode 200:57:44
08:00 AMThe Dad Show: Are You Listening00:58:32
09:00 AMLife Rally at Texas Capitol: Life Rally at Texas Capitol01:29:00
10:30 AMOh Henry: Musical: Oh Henry: Musical01:29:59
12:00 PMThe Trailer Park Show: TTPSmay21800:58:51
01:00 PMEASPotlite: SPOTlite2.6012a00:58:30
02:00 PMDa Big Daddy G Show LIVE: Fall 2019 Back Up01:03:49
03:03 PMWord To The Weird Ep. 4: Ep. 00400:21:40
03:30 PMFrom the Vault #18: From the Vault #1800:29:51
04:00 PMDa Big Daddy G Show LIVE: We Caught THE ROBBERS: We Caught THE ROBBERS01:00:44
05:00 PMi Sabor Latino: Episode 0300:28:38
05:30 PMHISPANIC TODAY LIVE: THSC.jump.16200:28:34
06:00 PMThe Final Showdown: The Final Showdown00:10:40
06:11 PMDa Big Daddy G Show : PROMO00:01:00
06:12 PMTalent Beyond Belief Studios Presents: handwashing00:01:00
06:13 PMReasonably Spontaneous Conversation : Lara Zuehlke and Dennis Tardan00:45:19
07:00 PMSupreme Master Television Constructive Programming for a Peaceful World: Four Types of Being in Our Life, Part 2 of 600:58:31
08:00 PMAustin City Lights: Flash Jordan Movie00:58:30
09:00 PMSpeak To Graffo: STG - 00100:58:30
10:00 PMEmergency Exit Podcast: Emergency Exit 16601:28:32
11:30 PMMeeting of the Mindz: #MeToo01:21:44


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