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The Past Is Another Country, Especially In Japan: Japanese Commercials Featuring American & Euro Stars

I think by now many of us have seen the legendary and amazing Charles Bronson aftershave commercials (directed by HAUSU maker Nobuhiko Obayashi). Just in case you haven’t, or are having a Low-T day. It follows: I also think we’re pretty well aware that American (and European) stars travel to Japan all the time and […]

Edith Head Talks About Her Working Method & Then She Dresses Audrey Hepburn Like A Champ

“I’m just taking these to the garage with the others” Both the recent series of “Good Eye” columns written by Amy Gentry in the Austin Chronicle, and our upcoming event with costume designer Michael Wilkinson have us thinking about the special language of movie clothing design. For years, especially during the time when women were […]

Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words

This short piece from the Women Make Movies YouTube channel shows us some rare footage of the great Chinese-American star Anna May Wong. She was a true star, though sometimes the parts she played were smaller than she deserved. She is one of those stars who makes an instant connection with audiences today, who have […]

These Audio Interviews with Orson Welles are So Good!

If you’ve haven’t read “This Is Orson Welles”, the big book of interviews between Peter Bogdanovich and Orson Welles, you should. It’s as important as “Hitchcock/Truffaut” and it may be argued that there’s more practical knowledge to be found there. Welles was as much a self mythologizer as Hitchcock but he switched out his material […]

L.M. Kit Carson, Father of Texas Independent Film Scene, Has Died

  Texan filmmaker, actor and writer L.M. Kit Carson died last night at the age of 73 after a long illness. In 1967 the Irving-based Carson and his collaborator Jim McBride made a movie that forever changed the face of film. It is called DAVID HOLZMAN’S DIARY and in the opinion of many it marks […]

Selected Shorts: Bryan Connolly Presents John Cassavetes, Meshach Taylor and the Bangles in THE HAIRCUT

Selected Shorts is an ongoing series in which we invite some of our favorite people to select and introduce short films that they may have missed. Here, author and bon vivant Bryan Connolly (DESTROY ALL MOVIES) shares a movie that no one ever knew about before and no one can ever live without from now […]

Happy 132nd Birthday Bela Lugosi

We aren’t normally in the business of wishing dead people happy birthday, but in the case of Bela Lugosi there is definitely some room to dispute whether or not he’s actually dead. We know he was buried – in his Dracula cape – in 1956, but to date no one has verified that he is […]

Amy Gentry on Women’s Horror Fashions: Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION

The Austin Chronicle’s Amy Gentry has written a couple of terrific articles about, well, terrific articles as worn by a pair of female horror protags. Her first such column is about the horrific evolution of the Armani Suit from AMERICAN GIGOLO to HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2. It’s a really thought provoking piece which I admittedly came […]

Selected Shorts: Walerian Borowcyck & the Franco-Polish Space Program

While the US and the Soviets were busy using Third Reich rocket technology to send jocks into space, the joint French/Polish Space Program were deploying creativity and imagination to create this film, which may very well prove to have benefits which outweigh those of the more well known space programs. Walerian Borowcyck is an interesting […]

Polish Films All Weekend In Austin, Including Part Two of the Scorsese-Selected Polish Classics

An important reminder from AFS Director Of Programming Chale Nafus: The 9th annual Austin Polish Film Festival opens tonight (Oct 16) and runs through Sunday at the Marchesa. As always, there is a wealth of exciting, challenging new Polish features, ranging from the marriage-on-the-rocks LOVING to the sweet coming-of-age ONE WAY TICKET TO THE MOON, […]

Catherine Breillat On Money, Kings, The Hermaphrodism of Artists and The Future Of Cinema in 01:35

Catherine Breillat is a filmmaker whose work will make you think hard about a lot of things. Gender, sexuality, taboo, power, for example. Her films (36 FILLETTE, ROMANCE, FAT GIRL, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, etc.) place her among the most interesting and rewarding auteurs working today. She is a true original and a master. Here is […]

FORCE MAJEURE Director Ruben Östlund On His Method & Meanings

Those who saw Ruben Östlund’s new film FORCE MAJEURE at Toronto or Fantastic Fest already know that Östlund is one of the most interesting filmmakers working today. In this wide-roving discussion (long, discursive interviews are now just called “master classes” apparently) he talks about instinct, face-saving, and the predominant place in image culture now occupied by […]

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