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An Introduction to Satyajit Ray by the Man Himself

Currently a new restoration of Satyajit Ray’s APU trilogy is making the rounds. It will play here in Austin at the Marchesa in July. This compilation of interview segments with the master filmmaker makes a fine (and exhaustive) introduction to his art and techniques. There is always much to learn from a genius and frequently […]

It’s Frank Capra’s Birthday: Watch His Funny and Touching Lifetime Achievement Award Speech

Nobody embodied American ideals more than Sicilian immigrant turned official American myth-maker Frank Capra. In celebration of his 108th birth anniversary, here is his 1982 AFI Lifetime Achievement Award presentation, with James Stewart (who just kills at this sort of thing), Donna Reed, and then Capra himself. The great man’s flair for the dramatic, the […]

Chale Nafus Presents an Essential Primer on Experimental Filmmaker Jon Jost – See his Films May 18 & 19

Jon Jost will join AFS for a pair of special Avant Cinema Screenings May 18 and 19.   On Monday, May 18, Jost presents COMING TO TERMS (2013) and on Tuesday, May 19 he presents LAST CHANTS FOR A SLOW DANCE (1977). These screenings are co-presented by Experimental Response Cinema.   Here is AFS Director of Programming […]

The Strange Case Of Jess Franco

Jess Franco Jesús Franco Manera (1930-2013), better known to most of us as Jess Franco (and also by dozens of other pseudonyms), was perhaps the most prolific filmmaker of modern times. By IMDB’s count he made 195 feature films. During his peak period he averaged 9 films per year.But his volume of output is only […]

Richard Linklater on Richard Pryor’s JO JO DANCER, YOUR LIFE IS CALLING

Our 10-Film Jewels In The Wasteland II series, hosted by AFS Founder and Artistic Director Richard Linklater, continues through June 3. Here, Linklater introduces and discusses Richard Pryor’s extremely personal autobiographical 1986 film JO JO DANCER, YOUR LIFE IS CALLING.

Celebrate Saul Bass’ Birthday With Some of His Best Title Sequences

Graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass was born on this day in 1920 and died in 1996. It’s hard to think of a designer whose impact has been so profound of the art of motion pictures. In the ’50s his modern design style lent itself well to the design of movie posters. Director Otto Preminger […]

Watch Francis Ford Coppola and Akira Kurosawa Booze It Up Suntory-Style

“The world’s gaze is fixed on these two men right now, as on nobody else.” In 1979, Akira Kurosawa, with an assist from superfan George Lucas, got the green light from 20th Century Fox to produce his epic film KAGEMUSHA. Lucas then brought in his own mentor, Francis Ford Coppola, to act as co-producer. The […]

Eddie Muller Brings Noir City to the Ritz this Weekend

  Ella Raines in a PHANTOM LADY still It’s a great time to be a moviegoer in Austin. AFS has the acclaimed new release SHE’S LOST CONTROL and the Hertzfeld/Plympton Animation Evening and our friends at the Ritz have something very special for fans of film noir. This weekend the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz has […]

First Time Online: A 1991 Interview with Paul Schrader by Richard Linklater

In advance of next month’s Jewels In The Wasteland finale, Paul Schrader’s MISHIMA: A LIFE IN FOUR CHAPTERS (June 3). Here is AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater interviewing Schrader in 1991. Reprinted from The Austin Chronicle May 24, 1991   PAUL SCHRADER: ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? INTERVIEW BY RICK LINKLATER When the Chronicle asked if I’d be […]

Hedy Lamarr: Inventor of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology

If you know the name Hedy Lamarr , you probably know her as an actress whose overt display of nudity and sexuality in the 1933 film ECSTASY helped to solidify the connection between art-films and forbidden subjects for American audiences. Upon immigrating to America, she became a major Hollywood star, and remained so for years.  […]

Richard Linklater on Robert Bresson’s L’ARGENT

On April 15, AFS screened Robert Bresson’s L’ARGENT as part of the JEWELS IN THE WASTELAND series, programmed by AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater. Here Linklater, and AFS Associate Artistic Director Holly Herrick introduce and discuss the spare and extremely powerful L’ARGENT. The series continues through June 3. Information about upcoming titles here.

Watch This: Orson Welles’ Complete 1979 Variety Show Pilot

Made in 1978 and 1979 as an attempt to land a network deal, this ORSON WELLES SHOW pilot is more cheaply made than most talk shows, it is shot with one camera, with patently staged audience participation and a laugh track. It’s really weird. Welles directed it and his special gifts of direction and on […]

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