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We’re Thankful for A/V Geeks: Here are 5 Reasons Why

I saw my first A/V Geeks show in the rec room of a Durham church in 1992 or so. Skip Elsheimer had two projectors and was overlaying the two images on one screen as I recall. It was an interesting experiment and Skip was even more interesting to talk to. It turned out that the […]

Selected Shorts: Louis Black Presents THE SUNSHINE MAKERS

Austin Chronicle editor (and AFS founding board member) Louis Black contributed a pretty special Selected Short a few weeks back, so we asked him for another and he obliged with this jaunty little number.Here’s Louis:This 1935 commercial for Borden’s Milk is the only really interesting film I’ve ever seen from Van Beuren Animation Studios but it […]

Cool Movie Resource: The Spaghetti Western Database

For those who have an interest in the seemingly boundless subject of European Westerns, the Spaghetti Western Database is an invaluable resource. Spaghetti Westerns (or Euro-westerns or Westerns All’Italiana) are among the most interesting subjects of genre film study. The sociological and artistic climate which produced these often violent, often poetic films is mirrored in the […]

AFS Viewfinders Podcast Episode 1: Jerry Lewis: Total Filmmaker with Special Guest Bryan Connolly

This week we sat down with “Destroy All Movies” author and Jerry Lewis Club founder Bryan Connolly to talk about the phenomenon of Jerry Lewis, the many modes of Jerry (Malfunctioning Jerry, anyone?) and the peculiar directorial style of Jerry Lewis. Then we get into who the present and future hope for screen comedy might […]

The Humor & Humanity of Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols has died and all the news services are headlining that Nichols directed THE GRADUATE. That would seem to be a bit of an undersell job – considering Nichols also made WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF, CATCH 22, CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, SILKWOOD, HEARTBURN, WORKING GIRL, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, THE BIRDCAGE and many others. Nichols’ […]

Happy Birthday Dick Cavett

Today is Dick Cavett’s 78th birthday. From 1968 through 1982, with a brief hiatus for changing networks, Dick Cavett was the best talk show host on TV. He started as a comic and a comedy writer for other talk show hosts, and eventually got his own show. The other talk show hosts of the day […]

Selected Shorts: Experimental Response Cinema’s Ekrem Serdar Presents the Omnipotent Voice

We asked Ekrem Serdar of Austin’s own Experimental Response Cinema to share one of his favorite short films with us. Here it is:   Featuring a “director” of such omnipotent powers that Kubrick would seethe in jealousy, John Smith’s THE GIRL CHEWING GUM(1976) is a classic and comedic* crowd-pleaser that I return to whenever I […]

John Boorman on Lee Marvin – “A Spiritual Warrior”

John Boorman on Lee Marvin: “For me somehow he was the essence of America – big, wild & dangerous.” “It was an intense and inspiring collaboration. And scary. He taught me a lot about film acting and indeed, filmmaking. Scary because he was always pressing for the truth, the essence of a scene. And he […]

Selected Shorts: Janus Films’ Brian Belovarac Presents a Pepsi-Sponsored Body-slam of Consumerism

Brian Belovarac of Janus Films is a consistently reliable source of obscure recommendations. He has impeccable taste and a far-ranging curiosity. So naturally we asked him to choose a Selected Short for us. Writer/director Jeff Lieberman is well-known to fans of quality horror movies as someone who loves to smuggle subversive cultural commentary into his films. […]

The New Documentary About Richard Linklater, 21 YEARS, is Now Available for Download

There’s a new documentary about AFS Founder and Artistic Director Richard Linklater. The film features interviews with the Linklater collaborators such as Matthew McConaughey, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, Jack Black and many others. Through it all you get a sense of the way that Linklater has brought his special vision of filmmaking and film appreciation […]

From Indiewire: Nick Toti on the Non-Profit Model for Commercially Hopeless Filmmakers

“For the first time in the history of this still young medium, we have the potential to reach wide audiences with the most personal, idiosyncratic, boundary-pushing, formally audacious, exploratory, gonzo, batshit, soul-destroying cinema that has ever been made—exactly the kind of cinema that makes no financial sense.” – Nick Toti, Interesting Productions Nick Toti and […]

Selected Shorts: Todd Rohal Presents the Astonishing SMASHIN’ IT UP!

We have asked a bunch of our favorite filmmakers and others to share some of their favorite short films with us. The submissions have been really varied, but there has been nothing so far as wild and loose as this one sent to us by writer/director Todd Rohal. It’s hard to convey True Mayhem, but […]

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